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9 October
Hello, I won't say my real name but my nickname is Mo na! I I love kpop! Exo, BTS and NCT are currently my favorite boy groups. My top Bias are D.O♥, Lay♥, Haechan♥, Yuta♥, Mark Lee♥, Jimin♥, V♥, and Jessica Jung♥. I like a lot of other groups as well but there's too many to name. I love to sing and dance. I'm 21 (now) trying to finish College. I love colors. I love food. I love Music! I love making new friends.

I cannot take my mind off of writing now a days. When I have time I'll find myself writing!! But it's a very good way to express myself. And I know I write a lot of rape fics but it's not because I was raped. lol But it's because I find it interesting and more exciting to write!! Haehyuk is the main pairing I write about, but lately I've been writing about a lot of Exo pairings. I really want to try different things, and I hope you all support them. :)

But yeah, I love writing comedy and horror as well. :)

I love movies, I love cartoons and other fun shows as well.
Some fav. Mvs


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